Our group and 1:1 sessions are split into three sections and we pride ourselves in creating a dynamic and immersive space for women to learn. Whether creating presence in the boardroom, having the confidence to go for a promotion or empowering women to feel in control of their careers we build programmes to reflect the needs of you and your business.

We’re standing on the shoulders of the women who came before us, so let’s stand tall for the women coming after us.


Learn simple body mechanics and become aware of negative physical and postural habits and how to change them. Gain skills to use your body in a way that will build confidence and help with alignment and posture. Develop an understanding of body language so you’re in control of what you’re communicating. With tools and exercises explore voice and projection becoming aware of how this affects your communication and how you’re perceived. Amplify your voice and connect with your breathing and pelvic floor for true voice and confidence.\


Having a strong understanding of posture, body language and voice begins to create an awareness around the inner voice and mindset. We don’t just want women to stand tall we want them to feel tall. We don’t just want women to look confident we want them to feel confident, which can only be achieved by becoming aware of our habitual inner dialogue and negative mindsets. Exploration and discussion will lead to the learning of skills to begin change so that true authenticity and happiness can be accomplished.


Bring to life all you’ve learnt with exercises, role-plays and discussions of relevant situations and career goals to make sure real change can happen. Whether a presentation, interview or meeting situation we’ll practice the tools and skills you’ve gained so you leave the training standing tall, feeling more confident and empowered to own your space.