The size of your shutters will greatly impact how effective they are. There are two basic sizes of louvre: the smaller sized louvres are more efficient at controlling light while the larger sized louvres allow more light to come through. Louvres range from two and a half to five and a half inches. When choosing the size, consider how much light you’d like to control and the size of your windows.

plantation shutters AdelaideThere are various shutters on the market, from wood to ABS/Poly Resin. Depending on where you live, there are other types of shutters made from materials resistant to moisture. Common choices include MDF Wood Composite, Basswood, ABS polymer, and premium hardwoods. You can also choose a metallic finish if you’d prefer. There are also various styles for real wood shutters from

When selecting the right style and material for your home, it is essential to consider the cost of installation. The effective way to estimate the cost of installing new plantation shutters is to ask a contractor for an estimate. This way, you’ll know whether the cost will be covered by insurance. If you’re installing your shutters yourself, make sure to have a professional measure them first to ensure they fit properly. If the job is not completed by professionals, hiring a company will reduce the cost significantly.

Regardless of the type of shutter, choosing a colour that goes with the existing decor is easy. Stick to the traditional white. Several modern bold colours can work with a white shutter, but the classic white colour will always look great in any room. You can also stain or paint real wood shutters in any colour you like, allowing them to compliment any room in the house. Again, there are many options for choosing colours.

A plantation shutters Adelaide colour can be a big factor in the overall cost of the window treatment. This type of window covering is a perfect option for homes that want to minimise the visual impact of sunlight. They’re a great choice for windows that face the street. Whether you’re looking for a shutter that will help you protect your privacy, you’ll be glad you chose a shutter that has a high-quality look.

The size of your louvres will be important when selecting a custom plantation shutter. While the style of your window generally determines louvre size, you can select any size that will look best in your home. There are several different louvre sizes available. The larger louvres will give your windows a more modern look and allow for a greater view when opened. The smaller louvres will lend a more traditional look to your room.

Real wood shutters are typically durable wood and are the most expensive option. They’re also more prone to warping. Nevertheless, the sturdiness of real wood can outlast the beauty of the rest of your home. In addition to their aesthetic value, these window coverings can improve your energy efficiency. They’re the most cost-effective option for home renovation, and the quality of your shutters will last for years to come.

A real wood shutter is a good choice if you’re looking to make a change to your windows. The wood used in this type of window treatment is a natural colour and should be treated with care. In addition, it’s important to consider the location and style of the shutters in your home. Buying a real wood plantation shutter will make your window treatments match the rest of your decor. The style of your house will also determine how durable your home will be.

Plantation shutters can be custom-made to your specifications. Additionally, you can customise the colour of the louvres. You can choose between flat and contoured louvres. A flat louvre is flat on the top and bottom. A contoured louvre is wide in the middle and flat at the ends. For the perfect fit, you’ll need to take measurements for each of the three different louvre sizes.

How to Choose the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Home