Swim shorts can be as versatile as your everyday shorts. Many come with pockets and are made to be worn on and off the water. Others are more like everyday shorts. Whatever your purpose, you can find one that will suit you. In this 21st-century world, it is okay to let your hair down. So here are some tips for choosing the right pair for you. These versatile swim shorts are perfect for your next trip to the beach.


Board shorts

While board shorts for swimming are comfortable, there are a few things you need to know about this style before purchasing one. First, you must know your waist size. To find out, take a fabric measuring tape and measure your waist. The length should be snug but not tight. After obtaining the waist measurement, you should purchase the shorts. If you don’t know your waist size, consider buying a second pair of board shorts. Check out ORTCClothing.


One style of board shorts is the lightweight, quick-dry style. The fast-drying material absorbs water quickly, and a built-in brief offers extra support. These shorts are also comfortable for all-day wear, and the solid colour makes them versatile enough to pair with various swim tops. These shorts can be worn for any activity in and out of the water and are breathable enough to stay comfortable for the entire day.


Swim trunks

Swim trunks are pants that you wear while swimming. They are designed specifically for wetness and are comfortable as well as hydrodynamic. Most people do not realize that these pants are swimsuits. However, they can still be used as casual clothing and are a great way to show off a little style in the water. So, how do you pick the right pair of swim shorts for you? Here are a few tips!


Choose materials that wick away water. Choose materials that are comfortable and won’t get too wet. You don’t want your trunks to ride up or bind when you’re in the water, so choose materials that aren’t too heavy and clingy. If you’re planning to wear your swim trunks for hiking, you should look for lightweight materials, as they don’t feel as soggy when wet. Additionally, choose materials that dry quickly, as billowy material may get stuck in crevices and rocks. Check out ORTCClothing.



A popular choice among competitive swimmers, jammers are knee-length shorts with a tight fit. Unlike aqua shorts, jammers give swimmers extra coverage. This style is famous for training and competition and is highly chlorine-resistant. To get the most out of your jammers, choose those made from chlorine-resistant fabric which compresses your muscles. Whether you choose a pair for competitions, training, or everyday wear, these shorts will make your swimming experience positive.


When purchasing a men’s jammers swim shorts, check the size and the fabric quality. While it is crucial to find the right size, a poorly fitted product will only be useless. You should also note your preferred colour. If you want to buy something in a particular colour, you can check with the store and whether they offer it. This way, you’ll know if the product is authentic and suitable for your needs.



There are many different types of boardies for swim shorts. While board shorts are generally used for swimming, many wear them off the beach. MMA fighters and skaters love to wear boardies, and they’re comfortable and versatile enough to wear over swimsuit bottoms. One of the most important things to consider is the fit, as fitted board shorts don’t have much give. The shorts also tend to be narrow and may not be comfortable on every body type. However, a lightweight design is comfortable and won’t stretch out after many uses. Long-length board shorts, which reach the knee, are an excellent option for taller men.


Some board shorts also have pockets. For example, the Four laps swim shorts have an extra-large pocket on the side seam, making them easy to keep in place. In addition, Hurley makes one of the most comfortable board shorts with an extended size, which makes them suitable for most people. Boardies come in several different styles, and a few of them are a perfect fit. These swim shorts keep you cool and dry on those hot summer days!


Choosing the Right Pair of Swim Shorts